The Wooly Bullies




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"Bigger Is Better!"


( available soon)

(It's all that and a bag of chips!)











  Tara Tremaine  &  Carmen Franklin 




The Blow Hard Horns







Book any combination your budget can afford!


Solo, Duo, Trio, 4 piece combo to the 9 piece full meal deal.




Calendar of Events!



Nov. 11(Weds.)...Dallas & Larry Duo...Wing On in Anderson, In.

Dec. 5 (Sat.)...American Legion Christmas Party in Brownsburg, In.

"Bigger Is Better Band" Debut!

Sun. Nov. 22...Dallas, Bubba & Larry Trio...Private Party...Anderson

Dec. 31...N.Y.E. to be announced soon.

July 4...Special Concert and Fireworks at Charlarose Campgrounds...Waynetown, In.

"Bigger Is Better Band"

We're bringing the entire cast of players!

We will also be performing original music from our up and coming cd!




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Dallas D. Miller

(317) 717-6964

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